Menthol Flavors – Ecig Reviews And Options

If you are a smoker who has already given some serious thought to cutting down or quitting altogether then you may have already switched to menthol cigarettes as a means of smoking without doing yourself so much harm. This is very admirable, but switching from menthols to disposable e-cigs is an even better way to get the nicotine hit you crave while avoiding all the damage tobacco — even from menthol cigarettes — can do to your body.

The problem for people who are already used to smoking menthols is that most of the disposable e-cigs and starter packs for refillable electronic cigarettes only come with tobacco flavor e-liquids. With the refillable devices, you can always buy menthol cartons to vaporize, but if you want the convenience and easy access of disposable e-cigs then your menthol choices may be a bit more limited.

There are plenty of major brands that have spotted this gap in the market, however, and have already started producing menthol products that are going down very well in e-cigarette reviews. As with all disposable electronic cigarettes, they are also much better value than their tobacco alternative and you can save yourself further money by waiting for vaping stores’ sale period or finding online coupons for great deals.

E-lites Curv

This is a very popular brand of menthol electronic cigarettes which can be used as a disposable but can also be refilled and recharged to become a very cheap option for longer-term use. The E-lites Curv is a little bigger than most disposable e-cigs mainly to accommodate its rechargeable battery, but it is still small enough to be carried easily on a pocket of bag and still looks and feels very much like the real thing.

The starter pack comes with a fully charged battery and e-liquid already installed, so you can start vaping as soon as you buy. It also includes one spare e-liquid refill and a battery charger, which means that the kit as sold gives you the equivalent of around 30 menthol cigarettes. The refills are available in either medium or high nicotine strength which are ideal for both social and heavy smokers.

OK Ecig

This popular disposable brand also sells a menthol product in a best selling king size pack. OK Ecig is well known for its soft filters, which make these e-cigs more like cigarettes than some of the cheaper electronic cigarettes. These are deal for those smokers who are just making the switch and want their vaping to be as much like smoking as possible. Similarly, the red light at the tip which glows when you inhale helps to recreate the feeling that you really are smoking one of your old cigarettes — only without all the harmful chemicals.

The menthol disposable e-cigs are only available in 15 mg nicotine strength, with the king size devices lasting about the same time as 20 cigarettes before they run out of charge or e-liquid.


Vapourlites menthol is one of the best value disposable e-cig options and one of the most popular in e-cigs reviews. They are sold ready to vape, fully charged, and with enough menthol e-liquid for the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. Vapourlites are made with a soft filter which makes them much more pleasant and realistic to use.

Available in both 16 mg and 20 mg nicotine strengths, these are a great e-cig for those who are looking to reduce their nicotine intake, and the device even has a fun mint green tip which glows when you inhale.

Menthol E-liquids

As well as menthol disposable electronic cigarettes, there are lots of manufacturers who make and sell menthol flavored e-liquids. These can be used to refill e-cigarettes, vape pens and other vaping devices to ensure that you can enjoy fresh, quality menthol vapor for months.

Kik Ecig menthol sensation is a menthol e-liquid with an icy aftertaste, and available in a whole range of nicotine strengths from very strong to practically zero, while Tablites triple menthol is a powerful quality product which retails at a bargain price — and is a great option for vapers on a budget if you can buy bottles in a Madvapes sale or with a Madvapes coupon, for example.

Menthol e-cigs are a fresh and tasty way to enjoy vaping — and friends and family will find it a wonderfully pleasant change from the usual strong tobacco smell. There is a huge range of products available to suit vapers on every budget, and menthol e-liquid refills for most of the e-cigs and vape pens on the market.


Refillable E-cig Reviews For The Experienced Vaper

When most smokers first make the decision to switch to vaping, the first product they will probably buy is a disposable e-cigarette. These are convenient and easy to use, arriving fully charged and pre-filled with e-liquid, and are designed to look and feel like tobacco products to help in the transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

However, the one thing they don’t have is flexibility. Disposable e-cigs tend to come in only a small range of flavors and nicotine strengths, whereas there are many different e-liquid products you can try if you have an e-cig or vape pen which can be refilled, recharged and re-used over and over again. This is also a more economical option; rather than using disposable electronic cigarettes and throwing them out, you can keep using them, only having to pay for the e-liquids you use to fill the device and the power to recharge your batteries.

These refillable e-cigs may be more expensive to buy than disposable models, but you will definitely save more money in the long term. And if you check vaping websites, you might even track down a Madvapes coupon which can help you save even more on your initial purchase.

Gamucci Starter Kit

Gamucci is one the world’s best-known e-cig brands, thanks mainly to the quality and authenticity of its tobacco flavor, something particularly popular with those who may still be missing their cigarettes. The starter kit for their refillable model has everything you need to start vaping and to keep your Gamucci device charged for future use. Designed with a glowing tip to make it look and feel more like a real cigarette, the e-cig is simply charged through a USB port on any computer or in special USB plugs.

The starter pack comes with just one refill carton, equivalent to about 30 cigarettes. This is ideal for those who are experimenting with different flavors, as if you don’t like what’s included in the starter pack, you can soon replace it with something new.

VIP Refillable E-cigarette

Easy to assemble, most of the e-cig reviews of this product talk about the quality of the vapor it produces, which is above the standard of most smaller devices. The VIP starter kit not only includes a USB charger but also two refill cartons, which means that the whole pack is equivalent to about 80 cigarettes worth of inhalations.

The design is also important to the VIP brand. Not only are their e-cigarettes well crafted, but their packaging is made to look just like a packet of cigarettes. In fact, no one would even know the difference if they saw your VIP e-cig box in your bag or on your desk until you took out the device and started vaping.

Blu E-cigarettes

Well known for their excellent quality disposable e-cigs, Blu also makes a reliable and effective refillable e-cig. The starter kit comes with a charger and two refill cartons of classic tobacco flavor e-liquid. E-cig reviews regularly praise the high quality of this flavor, which is developed from a blend of Virginian, Indonesian and Brazilian tobacco, but Blu also stocks refill cartons in a wider range of flavors if you fancy trying something new or feel that it is the time to let go of your dependence on tobacco. Particular favorites are the vanilla and cherry e-liquids.

The tobacco e-liquid has a nicotine strength of 18 mg, and the starter kit includes enough refill material for over 600 inhalations. The price of the kit even includes a stylish carry case, which helps to keep your e-cig clean and safe when it is being carried in your bag or pocket.


The E-lites electronic cigarettes are one of the cheaper refillable options on the market. This is because while you can use it as a refillable device, you can also treat it as a disposable e-cig. It comes ready to use, though the device itself is not as durable as most of the other devices already mentioned. E-lites is a great back up option to keep in your glove compartment or desk in case you should forget your principal device, but most serious vapers would usually prefer a more quality product if they are going to be using it long term.

Refillable and rechargeable e-cigs are a great way to experiment with different flavors and different nicotine strengths of e-liquids; something which can keep you interested in vaping and less likely to go back to smoking. These refills also make vaping cheaper than smoking, especially, if you have an added reduction from a Madvapes coupon.


Best E-cigarettes Or Vaping Beginners

Many smokers are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes and vaping as a way of helping to cut down on tobacco, or even cut it out completely. Vaping gives smokers the nicotine hit they crave but without the thousands of harmful and cancer-causing chemicals which are found in cigarette smoke. The e-liquids which are used to fill e-cigarettes are even available in different nicotine strengths to help you cut down further over time, and lots of different flavors, from strawberry to glazed doughnut.

Some smokers are a little wary of making the switch from smoking to vaping because they are concerned that it will be too difficult to get used to the new equipment or because they fear that the gadgets needed to get started with electronic cigarettes will be too expensive. As many electronic cigarette reviews show, however, there are lots of disposable models on the market which are simplicity itself to use, and you can save money on every purchase through certain vaping store discounts in the form of coupons or promo codes.

Blu Cigs

As the name suggests, disposable electronic cigarettes are designed to be used just once and then thrown away. They come complete with enough charge and enough e-liquid for one use and are specifically designed to look and feel like cigarettes — right down to the packaging — to make it easier for smokers who have recently quit to adjust. Blu Cigs is one of the most popular and most respected brands of electronic cigarettes, and the Blu Disposable Classic has been a best seller since its launch.

The Blu Disposable Classic even has a blue light at the end which glows when you inhale the vapor, to give you the impression you are “smoking” a glowing cigarette. While the Blu Disposable Classic is only available in tobacco flavor, this is another aspect which appeals to ex-smokers who may actually find they miss the tobacco taste and are not quite ready to explore some of the more wild and wacky e-liquids on the market. This electronic cigarette has a nicotine strength of 18 mg, more than enough to satisfy the cravings of regular smokers.

OK E-cigs

Also sold in tobacco flavor and with a nicotine strength of either 30 mg or 45 mg, the OK E-cig is another product targeted at those who have recently quit smoking. The disposable electronic cigarette contains enough charge and enough e-liquid for around 500 inhalations — about the equivalent of 50 cigarettes. Great value for money even without a coupon to help you get a further price reduction. The OK E-cig arrives ready to smoke and has a red glowing tip which lights up when you inhale.


One of the best-known brands in electronic cigarettes and vaping is Vapestick, and their V3 disposable model guarantees both reliability and quality. Sold in packs of three, and with enough e-liquid for around 200 puffs, a pack of the Vapestick V3 will keep even heavy vapers supplied for several days. Built with a soft filter to recreate the feeling of having a real cigarette in your mouth, this is another model which is particularly popular with those who are just starting out with electronic cigarettes.

Apollo E-cigar

Of course, not all smokers smoke cigarettes; some smoke cigars, and the vaping industry even has a product specially aimed at this niche. The Apollo E-cigar is significantly more expensive than your average electronic cigarette, but its larger size allows it to contain a larger battery and more e-liquid giving the user an average of 1,600 inhalations per charge. Flavored with Cuban tobacco and with a glowing red tip, the authentic size, and shape of the Apollo will make you feel like you are really still smoking a cigar.


If you find that the tobacco flavored e-liquid isn’t to your taste, then you might prefer to try Vapourlites menthol disposable electronic cigarettes. Fitted with a soft filter, and a more unusual green glowing tip, this is an ideal model for those smokers who had perhaps already made the switch to menthol cigarettes before deciding to quit. Available in a nicotine strength of either 16 mg or 20 mg, Vapourlites menthol has enough charge and e-liquid for the equivalent of around 20 cigarettes, making this electronic cigarette great value for money.

There are lots of choices when it comes to electronic cigarettes, and you may have to shop around and try a few different models before you find the one for you. Lots of these brands also sell refillable electronic cigarettes for when you are ready to move onto a more advanced and more economical piece of equipment.



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