Menthol Flavors – Ecig Reviews And Options

If you are a smoker who has already given some serious thought to cutting down or quitting altogether then you may have already switched to menthol cigarettes as a means of smoking without doing yourself so much harm. This is very admirable, but switching from menthols to disposable e-cigs is an even better way to get the nicotine hit you crave while avoiding all the damage tobacco — even from menthol cigarettes — can do to your body.

The problem for people who are already used to smoking menthols is that most of the disposable e-cigs and starter packs for refillable electronic cigarettes only come with tobacco flavor e-liquids. With the refillable devices, you can always buy menthol cartons to vaporize, but if you want the convenience and easy access of disposable e-cigs then your menthol choices may be a bit more limited.

There are plenty of major brands that have spotted this gap in the market, however, and have already started producing menthol products that are going down very well in e-cigarette reviews. As with all disposable electronic cigarettes, they are also much better value than their tobacco alternative and you can save yourself further money by waiting for vaping stores’ sale period or finding online coupons for great deals.

E-lites Curv

This is a very popular brand of menthol electronic cigarettes which can be used as a disposable but can also be refilled and recharged to become a very cheap option for longer-term use. The E-lites Curv is a little bigger than most disposable e-cigs mainly to accommodate its rechargeable battery, but it is still small enough to be carried easily on a pocket of bag and still looks and feels very much like the real thing.

The starter pack comes with a fully charged battery and e-liquid already installed, so you can start vaping as soon as you buy. It also includes one spare e-liquid refill and a battery charger, which means that the kit as sold gives you the equivalent of around 30 menthol cigarettes. The refills are available in either medium or high nicotine strength which are ideal for both social and heavy smokers.

OK Ecig

This popular disposable brand also sells a menthol product in a best selling king size pack. OK Ecig is well known for its soft filters, which make these e-cigs more like cigarettes than some of the cheaper electronic cigarettes. These are deal for those smokers who are just making the switch and want their vaping to be as much like smoking as possible. Similarly, the red light at the tip which glows when you inhale helps to recreate the feeling that you really are smoking one of your old cigarettes — only without all the harmful chemicals.

The menthol disposable e-cigs are only available in 15 mg nicotine strength, with the king size devices lasting about the same time as 20 cigarettes before they run out of charge or e-liquid.


Vapourlites menthol is one of the best value disposable e-cig options and one of the most popular in e-cigs reviews. They are sold ready to vape, fully charged, and with enough menthol e-liquid for the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. Vapourlites are made with a soft filter which makes them much more pleasant and realistic to use.

Available in both 16 mg and 20 mg nicotine strengths, these are a great e-cig for those who are looking to reduce their nicotine intake, and the device even has a fun mint green tip which glows when you inhale.

Menthol E-liquids

As well as menthol disposable electronic cigarettes, there are lots of manufacturers who make and sell menthol flavored e-liquids. These can be used to refill e-cigarettes, vape pens and other vaping devices to ensure that you can enjoy fresh, quality menthol vapor for months.

Kik Ecig menthol sensation is a menthol e-liquid with an icy aftertaste, and available in a whole range of nicotine strengths from very strong to practically zero, while Tablites triple menthol is a powerful quality product which retails at a bargain price — and is a great option for vapers on a budget if you can buy bottles in a Madvapes sale or with a Madvapes coupon, for example.

Menthol e-cigs are a fresh and tasty way to enjoy vaping — and friends and family will find it a wonderfully pleasant change from the usual strong tobacco smell. There is a huge range of products available to suit vapers on every budget, and menthol e-liquid refills for most of the e-cigs and vape pens on the market.


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